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Available to Schools Only.

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Help us help more schools. We understand that many schools did not have an opportunity to celebrate PROM last year. If you have an unused toolkit from last year, please only order the AAA PROMise Mini Kit so that you may receive the new items offered for the 2021 season.

Only one AAA PROMise Mini Kit OR AAA PROMise Full Kit available to each school.

Your AAA PROMise FULL Toolkit includes the following items:

  • Fact Sheet/Resources - Overview of the AAA PROMise program and useful information for making it successful at your school.
  • Handout Cards (pack of 200) - These cards remind students of the AAA PROMise. They can also be used to educate parents about the program.
  • Cloth Face Masks (pack of 15) - These can be distributed to prom committee members as a thank you for helping make prom/graduation successful.
  • Drawstring Bags (pack of 25) - Perfect for student use.
  • Pledge Banner (one/kit) - Used to gather each student's commitment to making the AAA PROMise.
  • Phone Ring Stands (pack of 50) - Serves as a student reminder of their promise to make safe decisions.
  • Magnetic Photo Frame (pack of 100) - Great as a keepsake from prom/graduation.
Limit is 1 FREE kit per school.

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